Intel Is Giving Away Its First 5.0 GHz Core i7 Chip For Free: Here’s How To Get It

Intel 40th Anniversary Core i7-8086K giveaway

At Computex, Intel announced Core i7-8086K, it’s first processor capable of delivering 5.0 GHz single core clock frequency. It’s Intel’s way of celebrating the 40th anniversary of its 8086 chip. The company itself is turning 50 next month.

Launched on June 8, 1978, 8086 was the first 16-bit processor. It was designed for personal computers, like the original IBM PC. It had its maximum clock frequency between 5 to 10 Mhz (different chip versions). Intel 8086 was the founding stone of what we know as the as x86 architecture.

Now, coming back to the future, the 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8086K is a 6-core CPU with 4 GHz base clock but offers 5 GHz when turbo boost comes into action. This is good for gaming enthusiasts and content creators. The fact that the chip is unlocked for overclocking makes the deal even better.

Since it’s designed for a special occasion, Intel is giving away 8086 units of the Core i7-8086K. Intel lists the approximate retail value of the 40th-anniversary processor as $425.

The giveaway will start on June 7 (5 pm PST) for the next 24 hours. After its ends, Intel will choose the 8086 lucky winners.

However, the contest is only limited to people living in the US, Mainland China, Germany, Canada, France, UK, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

Also, there is a twist, the number of chips offered in US, China, and Germany is 2086, 2000, and 1000 respectively. For other countries in the list, the number is 500.

So, if you’re living in an eligible country, visit the Intel sweepstakes website to grab the anniversary edition chip for free.

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