8 Best News Podcasts To Stay Up To Date In 2022 [Ranked]

best news podcast ranked

Staying up to date with every major news story has become crucial in our day-to-day life. Some of us are even willing to go beyond the headlines and invest our time. For these people, news podcasts are perfect for those who want to listen to experts about their favorite topics and their opinions on them.

There are many types of news podcasts out there, each with its niche and style of reporting. We have together some of the best news podcasts out there. This will keep you up-to-date with whatever is happening in the world.

Best news podcasts to listen to

1. The Daily (New York Times)

‘The Daily’ is one of the best news podcasts in the world. It is produced by the New York Times, which alone makes it so much worth it. New episodes are posted six times a week, around 20-30 minutes long. The episodes focus on a single story, mostly US-centric but seen through a global lens.

Michael Barbaro hosts the podcast and breaks down news stories into smaller, easily understandable segments. The show also has a targeted focus and avoids a broad overlook of the news story while delving deeper to relay facts and figures. The podcast also features many journalists and experts from the New York Times.

2. Today, Explained (Vox)

‘Today, Explained’ is a produced by Vox Media that guides you through the most important stories of the day. The show is pretty easy to understand, even for beginners. The episodes are 27 minutes long and are hosted by Sean Rameswaram and Noel King.

While the podcast focuses on major news, it often features stories that you might not have even heard of. So you might have to do a quick google search before listening to the podcast. The show focuses on a global audience and explores the stories behind the stories.

3. Apple News Today

‘Apple News Today’ is a short form podcast with ten-minute episodes. However, it is a well-made production that gives you your daily dose of news in the shortest time possible. It is hosted by Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino, who guide you through the day’s major stories.

The only problem is that most topics are US-centric and might not appeal to a global audience. However, some stories are big enough that anyone from any nation will be interested.

4. Global News Podcast (BBC)

‘Global News Podcast’ covers all the top news stories from worldwide. It is produced by the BBC World Service, which makes this podcast version of the popular radio news report. The podcast features recent top stories, interviews, and location reports twice per day.

The podcast gives you top news stories worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where you are from. Each episode is 30 minutes long and runs twice on weekdays and once on weekends. So if you have time to spare, give this a chance.

5. The Globalist

If you are looking for something serious, then ‘The Globalist’ is the best news podcast for you. Like many other podcasts, it also features an informed overview of the top global news of the day. All episodes are 60 minutes long and cover multiple topics from around the world.

The daily editions of the podcast are anchored from London and Zurich. It also features a review of Europe’s top news stories. ‘The Globalist’ is a great podcast if you look for daily news coverage with a European overview.

6. World Business Report (BBC)

‘World Business Report’ is another podcast from the BBC World Service. The podcast covers business-orientated global news stories. Each episode is ten minutes long and focuses on a single news story. However, you can expect to see two daily episodes every day.

The podcast covers stories from politics, finance, business, and international relations. So you can expect to see a variety of different topics other than business.

7. Up First

If you like to wake up early and get your daily dose of news, then ‘Up First’ is the best news podcast. It covers the biggest news stories from politics and pop culture all in 10 minutes. It is produced by NPR News and hosted by Rachel Martin, David Greene, and Steve Inskeep.

8. Kinda Funny Games (Video Games News Podcast)

‘Kinda Funny Games’ is a popular video game podcast with weekly and daily shows. It is hosted by veteran video game journalists such as Greg Miller, Tim Getty, Blessing Adeoye, Andy Corteza, etc. The show also features special industry guests and famous gaming personalities.

You can expect regular gaming news stories and commentary on this podcast. However, the main selling point of this show is the humor and the comedic personalities of the hosts.

We hope that you can find the right news podcast for yourself. You can also check out our other articles for the best podcast apps for Android users.

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