Best Free VR Games To Play Right Now

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Virtual reality (VR) is quickly becoming a new playground for gamers worldwide. With more and more games being made for VR every year, people are spoilt in terms of choice. However, many users are out of cash as soon as they buy their first VR headset. Fortunately, there are many free VR games on the market right now. Due to this getting into VR has never been easier. We have included many VR games and apps, each different from the other, so that you can experience how much virtual reality has to offer.

So here are some of the best free VR games that we can think of. Some games on this list might be restricted to specific platforms like Steam VR. However, it is the only unified storefront for many VR headsets. You can even find free VR titles in your headset provider’s (Oculus, HTC Vive Oculus rift, PlayStation) app library. Make sure to check out honorable mentions that have some free VR games that you might find interesting.

Best Free VR Games

Rec Room (VR games ecosystem)

Rec Room is one of the most popular free VR games available right now. It is similar to VR Chat in many ways but is still quite different from it too. It is a social space where users can interact, much like VR Chat, but Rec Room is more focused on games. Think of it as a hub for recreational activities, some of which are player-made content. It can even be played on smartphones if they can run it properly.

Players have access to a tool called ‘maker pen,’ which they can use to make their inventions and assets in the game. Did I mention that it’s free to play? The best thing about VR games like Rec Room is the active community and community events and updates from the developers. Players can also participate in several game activities such as Rec Royale, Among Us RR, Paintball, Laser Tag, Kart Racing, and more.

SideQuest (Free VR games Store)

Sidequest is not a game but a whole storefront filled with free games that you can sideload on your Quest devices. Installation can be a bit tricky, but you can watch a quick YouTube tutorial and install it on your smartphone, PC, or laptop.

Sidequest has a variety of free VR games with some heavy hitters like Pavlov Shack (CS: GO VR), Gorilla Tag, Hyperdash, Physics Playground, Crisis VRigade, etc. The best thing about this store is that you can install the game directly to your Quest headset and play it without connecting to any other device.

VR Chat (Social VR game)

Available platforms: PC, Oculus, and HTC Vive

VR Chat is the internet coming to life. It is not a game per se but rather a social community. This is the closest example to a metaverse, if there ever is one. Players worldwide dress up as different characters inspired by anime, cartoons, pop culture, etc. Players can import models from any popular franchise to use as their virtual avatar. The best thing about this VR game is that it can even be played without a VR headset.

Players can also create their virtual worlds ranging from a Japanese-themed Shinto shrine to a neon punk dystopian future. The only limit in this world is the imagination of the player. It also has many mini-games such as Capture the Flag, rob a bank in Steel ‘n’ Gold, and lob digital disks at each other in a match of Battle Disks.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR is a VR zombie shooter where the player is trapped in a subway with hordes of zombies closing in. This game should be classified as a horror game rather than a shooter, as the dark zombie-infested subway will definitely give you the creeps.

If that was not enough, the game features special zombie mini-bosses that look terrifying in VR. Even with a firearm at your disposal, the game makes you feel helpless when facing such enemies. Fans of the Resident Evil franchise will definitely find the game enjoyable.

Echo VR (VR Sport Game)

Echo VR is the definition of what a VR sports game would look like. The game mode is inspired by the movie Ender’s Game with some slight changes. It is essentially a team sports game where two teams compete with each other in a zero-gravity room. The game’s objective is similar to football, but players have to score a goal using a disk instead of a soccer ball.

Teammates must pass each other the disk Tron style and use the zero-gravity environment in their favor. There’s also the slingshot strategy that players use to boost each other to reach the goal. All in all, it’s a fun VR game that is a must-play.

Epic Roller Coasters

Epic Roller Coasters is precisely what it sounds like: an exciting, fun-filled ride. Not many people have had the opportunity to ride a roller coaster in real life, but this game does come close to that experience. While it can’t be compared to the real thing, the game offers quite a fun experience.

You can also try out the shooter mode if the regular roller coaster ride mode doesn’t do it for you. You are equipped with guns to shoot targets in this game mode while going along the track course. Fair warning, though, as the game can quickly induce motion sickness similar if played continuously using motion controllers.

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR

Although Spider-man: Far From Home VR is a tie-in game to promote the movie, it is still quite good at delivering the closest experience of what it’s like to be the web-slinging superhero. The game is free on almost all VR platforms and gives you a taste of web-slinging and fighting enemies such as Spiderman. Unfortunately, the game is relatively short, and you will be finished with it after one or two sessions.

Portal Stories: VR

Portal Stories VR is a fan-made game inspired by Portal 2. The game was originally just a mod, but Valve decided to publish the game on Steam itself due to its popularity. It features a mini-story set in the portal universe with 10 new puzzle games made to take advantage of VR hardware. Although it isn’t a full-fledged game, it is still quite good for new to VR. Fans of the Portal series would want to check this one out.

Google Earth VR (VR exploration app)

Who says that exploring the world can’t be done from the comfort of your home. That’s where Google Earth VR comes in as it lets you explore popular landmarks and tourist destinations around the world. Roam the streets of your dream destination or your hometown in VR. You can also try and find cool easter eggs and strange things worldwide just for fun.

Bigscreen Beta

Do you miss going to the theatre and watching movies but don’t want to go outside. Then try out BIgscreen VR, where you can watch movies in a virtual theatre with your friends or random strangers. That’s not all. You can also browse your PC, watch YouTube videos, browse TV channels, watch video files, attend live events, and play games together. Players can do all this in over 20 unique environments ranging from a theatre hall to a living room.

Best Free VR Games (honorable mentions)

  • Wolfenstein 3D VR (Retro VR game)
  • Gorilla Tag
  • DCS World Steam Edition
  • MSI Electric City: Core Assault
  • The Lab
  • Accounting
  • Robo Recall
  • Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission 
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • PokerStars VR
  • The Red Stare
  • Guns’n’Stories: Preface VR

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