Finding New Music? Here Are The 5 Best Free Music Streaming Websites

best free music streaming websites sites
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Many users now stream music instead of downloading and listening later as music streaming platforms evolve. Essentially, music streaming platforms improve every day and give users many options to stream music. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best free music streaming websites you should use.

Music is everywhere; whether you’re working or relaxing, music is an excellent companion. While many users use music streaming apps on all their devices, the websites go unnoticed. Popular music platforms have well-made websites that let you listen to music for free.

What’s unique about free music streaming websites?

Music, among other media, hasn’t really ever been free to consumers. These days, leading music streaming platforms charge you for uninterrupted music anytime you want. There’s always a free option, but the interruptions tend to get frustrating after a while.

However, several streaming platforms let you listen to your favorite music without bugging you after every track. To top that off, they also have decent websites you can open in your browser to start listening. Our picks of the best music streaming websites include ones that won’t disappoint you.

5 best Music Streaming Websites for 2023

Note: The entries in this list are not in any order of preference.

1. YouTube Music

youtube music

YouTube’s dedicated music streaming platform, YouTube Music, is an excellent free music streaming website. It offers a wide variety of songs and albums from popular artists, as well as personalized playlists and recommendations based on the user’s listening history. While the app on certain devices limits background playback, the website offers free music but contains ads.

However, you won’t notice the ads as much as its other features make up for them. One of the main benefits of using Youtube Music is that it allows users to discover new music without spending any money. Overall, it makes for an ideal free music website.

Features of YouTube Music

  • Personalized music recommendations (account required)
  • Listening to music without an account
  • Access to thousands of playlists
  • Excellent user interface
  • Music with limited ads

2. SoundCloud

soundcloud best free music streaming websites sites

SoundCloud is a lesser-known app that might just be a hidden gem, making it among the best free music streaming websites. It’s the perfect music streaming platform if you like to explore different genres of music from new and old artists. Moreover, you get access to thousands of community playlists to find one you like.

It lets you stream music for free on its website, even without an account. However, you can create a free account to save playlists and get personalized recommendations. Overall, it’s an exceptional music streaming platform with a well-made website.

Features of SoundCloud

  • Free music streaming
  • No advertisements
  • Access to community playlists
  • Find new artists and genres easily

3. Pandora

Pandora is an old dog when it comes to music streaming, and it is a good music platform even today. While you have to bear with ads on this one, you get several other useful features that will enhance your music streaming experience.

Likewise, you can listen to all the music from all artists for free and create custom radio stations for the tracks you like. However, you will have to watch ads to selectively play music from a playlist or skip tracks indefinitely. All in all, Pandora is a great music streaming platform if you can bear with the ads.

Features of Pandora

  • Access to the entire music library for free
  • Create custom radio stations
  • Access personalized music playlists
  • Requires a free account to use

4. Spotify

Everyone knows about Spotify as it’s one of the leading music streaming platforms across the world. It has a free plan that lets you stream music for free in your browser. However, the only drawback of the free plan is the truckload of advertisements.

While you get a lot of ads in between tracks on Spotify, its other features are too good to compensate for them. Likewise, it offers users personalized recommendations, thousands of playlists, music radio, and much more. If you can look past the ads, Spotify is one of the best free music streaming websites you can use.

Features of Spotify:

  • Requires an account
  • Access to thousands of playlists
  • Personalized music recommendations
  • Create and share music playlists

5. iHeartRadio

iheart radio

Finally, iHeartRadio makes it to the list of the best free music streaming websites. While it severely limits you from playing selective music, it’s great for streaming radio music. Moreover, it also offers several local radio stations in its free plan.

If you want to stream random music in your browser, iHeart is an excellent choice. Moreover, there are plenty of radio stations to choose from, depending on what you like. The website also gives you personalized radio recommendations for selective music streaming.

Features of iHeartRadio

  • Access to local radio channels
  • Access to artist radio channels
  • Personalized radio recommendations
  • Doesn’t require an account

Our recommendation: Best free music streaming websites

Uninterrupted music isn’t truly free anywhere, and you have to compromise in one way or another. While there are many free streaming platforms, they have large drawbacks. For instance, Deezer only lets you play 30-second long tracks on its free plan.

Our picks of the best free music streaming websites do the bare minimum, and you don’t have to compromise much while using them. Most popular platforms force you to watch ads to play music. If you want a recommendation, we suggest SoundCloud, as it offers the highest number of bare minimum features without any ads.

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