10 Best Android Strategy Games Of 2018 That Will Boggle Your Mind

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Strategy games have been captivating, intelligent minds for ages. Be it tile-based Dominoes or a set of chess, people always like to have a good challenge. With that being said, the introduction of Android has changed the entire scenario of strategy games.

Nowadays, you rotate the 6-inch phone screen and immerse yourself into the realism of video games. But they are not as easy as they sound; these spectacular Android strategy games require careful planning and patience — sometimes even for days.

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So, let’s get that lazy mind running and look at the best Android strategy games. Make sure you have enough rest because these games of 2018 will need some heavy brain lifting.

Best Android Strategy Games for 2018:

1. Rise of Civilizations

If you ever dreamed of being in the shoes of history’s great emperors, well now is your time. The Rise of Civilizations is a unique Android strategy game where historical figures like Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc are your commanders. With them by your side, and a little strategic planning (of course), the goal is to discover uncharted territories, defeat other rulers, whip the barbarians and bring peace.

In the beginning, the game offers you to choose between eight civilizations, each having their own advantages. Like any warfare game, the rules are pretty simple. Upgrade your city, level up troops, build strong city walls and keep your people happy.

I loved the alliance system where kingdoms share troops, resources, research, and much more to move ahead in the game together. Overall, Rise of Civilization is quite addictive and should definitely hang in your list of best strategy games for Android.

2. The Battle of Polytopia

Who would have thought that an Android strategy game with a polygonal square world and 8-bit characters will rule million of Android gamers. After playing the game for hours, Battle of Polytopia completely justifies the craze.

Going to the basics of this Android strategy game, you start off via choosing a human tribe. Afterward, you are diverted to a small square map where your goal, as a ruler of the tribe, is to defeat other tribes and conquer the land. While some people might find it a little restrictive, given you have only thirty turns to win, I think that feature is what sets the game apart.

Of course, you have options to customize that. For instance, you can choose the “Domination mode” where you can play free off the time limit. Thereafter, you can choose a number of opponents and difficulty level as well. You can play with your friends locally, however, there is no online multiplayer option.

Overall, Battle of Polytopia is a top-of-the-line turn-based strategic game whose simplicity and bright graphics will melt your heart.

3. Clash Royale

I know it will be difficult for you to get off from Clash of Clans, the Android strategy game which made billions for SuperCell. But to be frank, Supercell Clash Royale overcomes Clash of Clans in every way. One of the best RTS multiplayer game for Android, the strategy game kicks off with the two-lane tower defense formation.

Apart from Clash of Clans-like troops, both games have nothing in common. In Clash Royale, you have a deck of 8 cards and a time limit of three minutes. Your mission: Destroy every last tower of the opponent before it destroys you. Every time you throw a card (which are essentially troops), you lose a little energy which simultaneously keeps on filing automatically.

As for the gameplay, the trick here is to strategically arrange your deck and choose the right troops to fight. While some troops take huge energy, others take the minimum. So it depends on how you place your troops in the field under the time boundation. The freemium scheme might feel a little aggravating, given the advantages of paying $20, $30 on fights. But the overall package will undoubtedly make its the best strategy game for Android.

4. XCOM: Enemy Within

From the makers of Civilization 6, a renowned turn-based strategy game on PC, comes the Android version of 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The Android strategy game known as “XCOM” Enemy Within,” follows the same dynamics of the XCOM series, a turn-based game where earth combat forces have to defeat the aliens invading your home.

The strategy used in this game is to set up flanking maneuvers, a military technique where you surround the enemy, thus getting an advantage over him. Apart from that, you can level up troops, conduct research, or deploy satellites to manage the global threat. The most talked about thing in XCOM is the MEC suits. These suits essentially make giant super soldiers which give you advantage over literally, all the enemies (Except, you face off another MEC suit soldier).

While XCOM: Enemy within is certainly a go-to choice for turn-based strategy game fans, it does come a few issues of its own. For instance, the heavy graphics that slow down the game, even the high-end devices. People have also been long complaining about the added advantages which makes the game less challenging. And the $9.99 price tag, not to mention.

5. Star Wars: Force Arena

Star War fans, thisRTS will really blow you away. From two-lane tower defense and mobile online battle arena to being rewarded with collectible cards, Star Wars Force Arena has everything you need in a great strategy game.

Collectible Cards is the major aspect of the game. Each team has six cards at their disposal. Of course, you can upgrade them, collect the other thirty-six cards and build a strong deck. This might sound similar to Clash Royale, but Star Wars Force Arena’s distinguishable graphics and control over leader makes it a much more compelling choice.

Card trading is quite interesting in the game where you can get rare collectibles upon giving away some of your cards. Like every strategy game, the in-app purchases might be a little turn-off. However, the overall feel of the game and Star Wars environment will literally fade other the intricacies away. With that being said, don’t forget to read the stats of each troop before getting into a fight.

6. Art of War 3

If you are looking for a more old-schooled RTS strategy game for Android, Art of War 3 is what you should be looking for. The game offers your direct control to the troops and army just like the old PC RTS strategy games.

In the battlefield, your mission is to take control of your units and defeat the enemies. You can choose campaign mode, PvP mode, and participate in tournaments to make a stand in the world.

At the beginning of Art of War, you are offered to choose between Confederation and the Resistance. If you are looking to protect the world and then go Confederation or else join the Resistance to create domination in society. You can upgrade your infantry, assault vehicles, tanks, navy, and air force with the help of money awarded upon winning on the battlefield.

Overall, the Android strategy game has stunning visuals that recreate the classic RTS game atmosphere. The game also opens a lot of strategic opportunities to the players.

7. Plant vs. Zombies Heroes

After battling zombies for a decade, plants of Plant Vs. Zombies (PvZ) again need your protection. But this time, you will have a Plant hero beside you. PvZ Heroes is another MOBA Android strategy game which takes the fight to whole new level.

The collectible card game allows you to collect twenty unique heroes to make the ultimate team. While it looks a lot like the popular card game Hearthstone, this Android strategy game has a lot of differences. 

Plant vs. Zombies is packed with fun and surprises at every instant. The strategy game also lets you play real-time matches against other players. Interestingly, I liked the challenges that every new Zombie boss puts out with deceiving tricks and magical powers.

8. Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Battle Warship is another Android strategy game for Android which brings navy wars in control of your hands. Battle Warship, is a sea warship game where your mission is to destroy sea pirates, monsters, other players to rule the sea.

In the game, you keep leveling-up your navy base and add a number of fleets to stay ahead of your enemies. You have the destroyers, cruisers, and battleships to fight your enemies. The mobile strategy game comes with outstanding graphics, detailing each area of the game with realistic angles.

The Android game also lets your make alliance with commanders of the world and your friends, allowing you to combine forces against enemies. The freemium game model is a little turn-off, giving real advantages to the players who will pay more. Also, it may seem confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, Battle Warship becomes very addictive and fun to play

9. Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game

Dawn of Titans is one of the best War games out there. The Android strategy game has gorgeous 3D graphics, a good amount of storytelling which makes it even more interesting. The major crux of the game is the real-time battles where you lead your troops and titans.

The game gives you somewhat amount of controls like moving to a location or position. You can fire arrows, toss firebombs, and strategically attack enemy cluster to win the battle. The best part is the camera angles and overall visuals which will make every combat interesting.

Considering the awesome battles, making an empire like building farms or barracks might look like drag-on. But then you have the alliance system where you can join hands to conquer your enemies. Since the game involes console-like graphics, you will require a high-end Android device.

10. Smashing Four

When we talk about best turn-based strategy games for Android, Smashing Four always sneak out to these lists. The game is a full-on package of fun and excitement. Unlike any strategy game here, Smashing Four involves smash hit battles in different areas.

Upon winning battles, you receive rewards in the form of orbs which consists of new collectible cards and money. You may have to wait a little bit for the orb to open up. Other than that, as you move forward in the game, you will unlock new arenas and new upgrades for your heroes.

Each character in Samshing Four has unique skills and abilities which will help you on the battleground. Therefore, I will suggest you to choose your deck wisely. Also, with every new arena, you will face new hurdles which will test your strategies. You can also play in multiplayer mode with your friends and take part in the world raking.

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