Windows 10 October 2018 Update Is Once Again Available For Download

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A few days ago, Microsoft had to pull back the Windows 10 v1809 October 2018 update after multiple reports of data loss due to update surfaced.

The bug was quite serious, and it resulted in the deletion of files including documents, pictures, other media, and even previously installed programs. The extent of wipeout ranged from a few files to almost 220GB of data (as reported by a Windows user).

Now, a new version of Windows 10 October 2018 Update has been released to Windows Insiders.

What caused the file deletion?

Microsoft investigated the problem on their side after pulling back the update. It seems that the bug that caused file deletion was related to users who had enabled Known Folder Redirection feature in Windows 10.

This feature redirects folders like desktop, documents, pictures, and screenshots from the default location. In the latest update, Microsoft has added codes for deletion of empty and duplicate known folders, but it turns out they weren’t always empty.

Fixing the bug

Microsoft said that a very small number of users were affected by this bug — only one-hundredth of one percent of version 1809 installs experienced these issues.

Meanwhile, the company has introduced fixes in the latest update to address multiple problems related to such folders, and Windows Insiders are now testing these fixes.

Support for affected users

Microsoft said they are trying to help their customers including Windows Insiders who were affected by this bug.

Even though there is no guarantee, users can seek help from Microsoft Support to recover their data, and it is worth giving a shot if your data was affected. Windows 10 users can call Microsoft at +1-800-MICROSOFT or a local number for support centers and reach out to their support agents.

Download Windows 10 v1809 again

Users who have already installed the Windows 10 v1809 on their PCs will be receiving a new cumulative update named KB4464330.

For those who haven’t installed the update can download the new Feature Update build that comes with a fix for preventing data loss.

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