These Are The Best Telegram Clients For Android In 2022

best telegram clients for android

Telegram is among the most popular apps on most lists that you can find. The app offers solid competition to other messaging apps because of its variety of features, including customization options. Consequently, the best part is that there are a plethora of Telegram Android clients that you can use.

The cross-platform messaging app has different third-party clients that offer unique features or just existing ones with their touch. Moreover, you can pick one depending on your requirements. Here’s a list of the best Telegram clients for Android that I came across.

Best Telegram Android Clients In 2022

While there are many Telegram clients to choose from, we’ve shortlisted five of them. Some offer various customization options, whereas some aim to be lightweight and fancy.

1. Telegram X

Telegram X is undoubtedly among my favorite clients because of one sole reason – it’s fast. The app is full of quick and smooth animations, a simple UI, and support for themes. If you can find a suitable theme on a public Telegram channel, it’s going to be a sound experience for you.

However, TelegramX has one issue, it gets Telegram’s new features (which keep coming frequently) with a delay. For the stable version, it could be months before you see a new feature on the app. However, you can use its beta version by opting for the beta program via the Play Store. The beta version mostly runs and the stable one and gets new features earlier.

Why you should use Telegram X:

  • Fast and smooth animations.
  • Offers minor features like music player, chat preview, etc.
  • Stable app experience.

2. Plus Messenger

the plus messenger app
Images: Plus Messenger/Play Store.

Plus Messenger is the best Telegram client for those who love customization. This app probably offers the highest Telegram client features, making it one of the best Telegram clients. Likewise, Plus Messenger has more features than the official Telegram client itself.

Above all, the best part about the app is that it gets new features from Telegram almost instantly. Most newly launched features arrive in Plus Messenger within a day or two of their rollout. Hence, you should pick this client if you prefer many features.

Why you should use Plus Messenger:

  • A lot of features.
  • Regular app updates.
  • Gets new features fast.

3. Official Telegram/Telegram Beta

official best telegram client
Images: Telegram/Play Store.

While discussing Telegram clients, it’s only fair to include the official client in the best Telegram client list. If you’re new to Telegram, the official client would be great for you. It offers all the core features and an overall stable experience. It doesn’t have any fancy features or fast animations, but it works right.

Moreover, you can use the official client beta version. The beta version doesn’t hog as many system resources as the stable version, resulting in a smoother experience. You can opt-in for the beta program from the app’s Play Store page.

Why you should use the official Telegram client:

  • Get new features first.
  • An overall stable experience.
  • No extra features or animations.

4. NekogramX

nekogramx telegram messenger client
Images: Fossbytes.

NekogramX or NekoX is yet another open-source Telegram client packed with some good features and smooth animations. It usually gets all the new features quickly and has a nice look. If you like Telegram X, there’s a solid chance that you’ll also like NekoX.

However, the app isn’t available on the Play Store, and you have to download it from the app’s GitHub page or Telegram channel. NekoX’s unique features include integrating bot commands, unlimited accounts support, hiding blocked users in groups. Also, there’s a non-GCM version of the app which doesn’t have any Google services if you’re into that kind of a thing.

Why you should use NekogramX:

  • Fast and smooth animations.
  • Regular and frequent updates.
  • Various extra features.

5. Graph Messenger/Telegraph Messenger

telegraph messenger best telegram clients
Images: Graph Messenger/Play Store.

Finally, Graph Messenger or Telegraph Messenger make it to the list of the best Telegram clients. This Telegram client for Android is all about the extra features for looking. It offers many of the features that Plus Messenger does, with many of its own.

Some of the app’s unique features include a download manager, hidden chats, and more. The app gained popularity due to its download manager feature since that’s something many Telegram users do.

Why you should use Telegraph Messenger:

  • Many extra features, including some of Plus Messenger’s features.
  • Download Manager Support.
  • Hidden chat support.

Conclusion: Best Telegram Android Clients

I hope that you find a suitable Telegram client depending on your priorities. There are many clients to choose from, and each of them offers something unique. However, I’d recommend using TelegramX if you don’t care much about updates or Plus Messenger just because of all those features.

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