Apple Warns A Reliable Leaker Named Kang For “Leaking” Unreleased Products

Apple sends warning to leakers

Apple is pretty strict when it comes to disclosing information about its products before the official launch. But this time around, the tech giant has gone a step further by sending a warning to Kang, one of the most reliable Apple product leaksters.

The user posted on his Weibo account that he has received warnings from the lawyers representing Apple, and he’s not the only one, but many other leakers have received them.

What Was In The Letter?

In the warning letter, Apple alerted leakers that they must not disclose information about unreleased Apple products/projects because “it may give Apple’s competitors valuable information.” The company also wrote that “the leaked specs or design might mislead people as the information may not be accurate.”

To add weight to this, Apple also took screenshots of Kang’s Weibo account where he talks about the problems he experiences with Apple products, release dates, and phone suggestions to his followers.

Later Kang wrote, “I have never published undisclosed product pictures.” “Apple should take exception to riddles and dreams about its undisclosed products.” Most of the leakers won’t directly come out with pictures of how a product might look like. Instead, they try to hype them with riddles without giving away too much information.

“Even dreaming will violate their confidentiality mechanism, and who said that under Apple’s logic, if I have a dream, Apple’s competitors will obtain effective information. Without sending pictures or leaking pictures, I am still used as a target,” he added.

He ended the statement with, “I won’t post riddles and dreams in the future and will delete previous posts on social media” since “talking will be audited.” He also said that he hasn’t misled customers and warned other leakers that they shouldn’t post anything.

Our Take

Apple sending legal notices to individuals for leaking their products even though they don’t directly leak the products, asking them to stay quiet, and auditing their social media accounts is really a shame. It’s ironic that Apple always advertises Privacy as their product’s selling point but is taking away a leaker’s privacy by auditing their account.

A warning would’ve been enough. Anyways, what do you think about this? Do you think Apple did the right thing? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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