Apple macOS ‘Big Sur’ Theme Is Getting Ready For Linux Desktops

macos big sur theme being developed for linux

Recently, at WWDC 2020, Apple announced its new macOS “Big Sur” with the biggest design updates in more than a decade. With its modern, clean, and spacious design look, it aims to bring an entirely new visual experience.

Now, if you’re a Linux enthusiast, you won’t buy such an expensive mac only for a beautiful desktop. Instead, you may want to make your Linux desktop look like the new macOS Big Sur using themes. Not all, but some of you definitely want to turn your Linux UI into macOS. After all, it’s not wrong to leverage the customization power of Linux.

Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a macOS Big Sur theme for Linux, you may not find it yet. But you’ll soon be able to do so using the upcoming new theme from the B00merang project.

Yes, if you’ve ever tried to turn your Linux into another operating system, you may have come across the B00merang Project that builds themes for all versions of almost every operating system.

Recently, a developer opened an issue in the project’s GitHub repo, offering help and asking about plans to build macOS Big Sur theme for Linux. In response, one of the members of the B00merang project, Christian Medel, replied to confirm that the team is following the macOS Big Spur visual guidelines.

However, they’ll need to update their tools before starting to work on the theme. Though he didn’t reveal when the theme will be ready, you can expect its release in the following monthly update.

macOS Big Sur Looks Like Deepin Linux 20

Before the arrival of the Big Sur theme, you can also try the latest Deepin Linux 20 Beta, whose user interface almost looks similar to the new macOS Big Sur.

Yes, Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) is one of the most beautiful Linux desktops that resembles the look and feel of macOS. But due to a privacy controversy with Deepin in 2018 that accused it of containing spyware, its reputation has gone down, and many Linux users avoid using it.

If you still want to use it, you’re all free to do so. However, you can also get its variant in the form of UbuntuDDE that combines the power of Ubuntu and Deepin Desktop Environment.

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