PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 Map Is Almost Complete Now

PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 Map Is Getting Final Touches

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is on its way with a brand new exclusive map, Livik. Ever since PUBG Mobile started teasing the new map, players desperately wanted it to be Erangel 2.0. Sadly, there was no official word on the revamped version of the beloved Erangel map until now. 

The PUBG Mobile team recently confirmed that Erangel 2.0 is in the final stages of completion. So, we might not have to wait much longer to experience a new version of Erangel.

In a recent developers’ talk, PUBG Mobile addressed some questions regarding the upcoming PUBG Mobile exclusive map.

The developers described how they wanted to create a 40-player limited ‘Livik’ map for players with a restricted time schedule. Also, they talked about Livik’s visual features, such as healing springs, waterfalls, etc.

However, in one of the many addressed questions, PUBG Mobile talked about Erangel 2.0 and Karakin. They said that the developers are “working on the related content right now.”

What’s more, is that the PUBG Mobile team is putting final touches on Erangel 2.0.

“Since Erangel 2.0 has received a lot of attention, we do have some good news to announce, the Dev team is putting the final touches to the map,” said PUBG Mobile team.

The developers are taking this much time with Erangel 2.0 for a good reason. They don’t want to replace the fan-favorite map with something that doesn’t live up to players’ expectations. 

Nevertheless, according to PUBG Mobile, players can now expect Erangel 2.0 in the second half of 2020, which is pretty exciting. 

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