GTA 5 Mods: Iron Man Fighting Against COVID-19 In Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 Mods Iron Man Fighting Against COVID-19 In Grand Theft Auto 5

The internet is full of dark news and theories that make us feel like the world is going to end. However, you can take a break from all that negativity by playing the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod that lets you fight against the deadly COVID-19 as Iron Man.

Julio, a guy who runs a YouTube channel dedicated to GTA 5 mods, uploaded the Coronavirus Invasion mod video on his channel.

In this GTA 5 mod, you’ll see some huge viruses (the sources) floating over LOS Santos. These sources spread small viruses that capture everyone in their path and drains their energy. 

Interestingly, in this mod, the virus designed by Julio looks quite similar to the coronavirus. So, it feels like the fictional city of Los Santos is also threatened by COVID-19, much like the real world.

At first, Franklin goes against the massive ‘Coronavirus Sources’ by firing on them with all sorts of weapons. However, he eventually gets overwhelmed by the virus and gets killed.

After that, Julio launches the Iron Man Endgame mod, and we get to see how Tony Stark would fight against the deadly virus. Iron Man uses his Endgame suit to its full potential to kill all the virus sources while also saving the citizens of Los Santos.

GTA 5 Iron Man mod in itself is quite amazing. Julio has put a lot of effort into detailing to make the Iron Man’s suit nothing but perfect. So, playing as the Iron Man in Grand Theft Auto 5 and killing COVID-19 using all the fascinating powers of Tony Stark’s suit, is kind of a stress buster.

How To Download COVID-19 Invasion And Iron Man Endgame GTA 5 Mods?

To download the GTA 5 COVID-19 Invasion mod, visit Julio’s Patreon page. The mod is completely free, and you won’t have to sign up to download the mod. However, to support Julio’s hard work, you could become a Patreon member.

The amazing Iron Man Endgame mod isn’t free like the Coronavirus Invasion mod. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to make a hole in your pocket to get the mod as it is quite affordable.

You just need to become a Patreon member by paying a monthly subscription of $2. That’s it; then, you can enjoy the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod without any restriction. Also, you can watch this video by Julio on his channel, where he explains how you could make the Iron Man Endgame mod work without facing any troubles.

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