Apple Working On Headphones With Customizable, Swappable Parts

Apple Headphones rumors

A report by Bloomberg outlines that Apple is reportedly working on new over-the-ear wireless headphones with swappable parts to offer extended customization options. It mentions that the Cupertino-based company is working on at least two variations of the speculated headphones.

As revealed by anonymous sources, the headphones will have magnetically attached headbands and earpads to enable easy replacement. However, this wouldn’t be the first time when we’ll see a modular design as high-end companies like Master & Dynamic and Bowers & Wilkins already offer headphones with interchangeable parts.

Apple’s new headphones would offer customizability options similar to Apple Watch with easily replaceable headbands. The sources said that the modular headphones could be used for both for casual usage and fitness usage with interchangeable parts.

The headphones will reportedly use the same noise-cancellation and wireless connectivity tech present in Apple AirPods Pro. It goes without saying that the Siri support would be present but Apple might add a bunch of touch controls as well.

The sources revealing information said that there could be two variants – one variant will be intended for premium users and would have headband made from a leather-like material. The other one will be designed for fitness enthusiasts and would have perforated, breathable material.

Apple is expected to price its upcoming headphones at around $350 to compete with premium headphones offered by companies like Bose Corp, Sony Corp, and Sennheiser Electronic.

The company could release the headphones later this year alongside the iPhone 12, the new Apple iPad, and rumored Apple AirTag.

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