Samsung’s “Unbreakable” Display Survives 26 Consecutive Drops With Zero Damage

Samsung Unbreakable OLED Display Panel

Only a few days back in the rumor mill, we heard about Samsung working on a 7-inch foldable screen. And like every Samsung rumor, we are getting skeptical about the new claims. At the moment, it seems like Samsung has something big up their sleeves.

On Thursday, Samsung Display division annouced its “unbreakable flexible” display has been verified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a testing company which directly reports to OSHA under the U.S administration of Labour.

According to Samsung, the new flexible OLED panel has an unbreakable substrate with a plastic overlay window. This is different from conventional displays which still use glass overlay window that gets easily damaged and even breaks on a single drop.

Samsung Unbreakable Flexible OLED Screen

As per UL, the new display panel was able to bear 26 consecutive drops from a height of 4 feet (1.2m) in high and low temperatures of 71 degrees and -32 degrees respectively.

The flexible panel was even able to withstand a 6 feet drop test (1.8m) with no damage to its front, sides or edges. The new displays would not only be limited to smartphones but also be used in automobiles, mobile military devices, portable game consoles, etc.

These are quite some claims made by the company. It would be interesting to see how Samsung’s new unbreakable displays turn out. Recently, Corning also came out with an “unbreakable” Gorilla Glass 6 that withstood 15 consecutive drops from a height of 1m.

Since the inception of the Galaxy S9 series, the company sales are reportedly going downhill. A new line of foldable display might cover up the Samsung’s lost market share.

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