Apple Could Cancel Or Postpone iPhone SE 4: No New Affordable iPhone Coming?

Less Than 8% iPhone Users Want To Upgrade To iPhone 14 When It Launches
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The iPhone SE lineup comprises the most affordable Apple iPhone models on the market today. A new analysis from Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple is about to cancel or postpone the iPhone SE 4. If that’s the case, then there will be no new affordable iPhone models coming out next year. But is it a bad deal? Or is it going to make other iPhones a bit more affordable?

SE-branded devices give older iPhone models a new lease on life. The latest iPhone SE 3 is practically an iPhone 8 with the processor of an iPhone 14. It isn’t a bad deal for the money, but the outdated display and camera put it in a bad light. However, there was a ray of hope for the SE when Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro with the dynamic island.

According to reports, the iPhone 14 Pro’s dynamic island will trickle down to all the iPhone 15 models. This would mean the iPhone SE 4 will ditch the old design for a notched iPhone X/XR body. However, Kuo now claims that Apple plans to cancel or postpone the iPhone SE 4, and here’s how the decision makes sense.

Why is Apple canceling iPhone SE 4?

According to Kuo, the iPhone SE 4 will either get postponed to 2024 or get canceled altogether. This is because of the dwindling demand for lower to mid-priced iPhone models. The Apple iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone SE 3, and iPhone 14 Plus have all seen a dip in demand. Buyers are either going for last-gen flagships, i.e., iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max or the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Kuo also says that Apple is postponing the iPhone SE 4 because a redesigned model won’t be as profitable as the current lineup. Higher manufacturing costs could lead to a higher selling price, taking away the value proposition from the SE.

Lastly, there’s the global recession. Big tech is undergoing a recession, and scores of heart-wrenching layoff stories are pouring in. While it may look bad now, reports suggest an even more significant global slowdown in 2023, which could lead to more firings. Apple probably wants to steer clear of the firing by preparing better for the coming year.

These are the reasons Kuo has given for Apple postponing/cancelling the iPhone SE 4; there could be more to the story. So far, the iPhone SE has been difficult to recommend, but if priced right, a redesigned model could be a useful addition to the iPhone lineup. What do you think about Apple scrapping off the iPhone SE 4? Let us know in the comments.

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