Apple Kills Anti-hacking Tool From App Store That Warned You Of Hackers

iphone antihacking tool
iphone antihacking tool

iphone antihacking toolShort Bytes: In a strange move, Apple banned an app from the App Store which warned a user if he/she was being spied upon by the unauthentic and unauthorized software installed on the iPhone. This was altogether a strange move from Apple because hundreds of such apps still are queued up in the App Store.

Sometimes, the penchant for perfection and the modularity to stay ahead in the brand & cult marketing inculcates indigestible behavior which is weird to not only one but to all. And, this time, it’s Apple which is leading the cavalry of such incidental army.

Recently, Apple removed an app from the App Store just because the removed app warned and informed a user if a third-party was spying on the iPhone user or even trying to have an unauthorized access to unwanted data in the iPhone.

The app also housed an anomaly detection tool which could tell if the software being run on the phone was an authentic one, or the software does not bring any undesirable change in the iPhone internal structure. By far, this app could also detect if the phone was jailbroken without the owner’s knowledge.

Everything was going great until the fourth review process for the App Store. And then, the app was removed by Apple.

Esser, the company which made the app was told by Apple that the app was –

Detecting weaknesses or problems in a user’s phone wasn’t allowed, and could lead to “potentially inaccurate and misleading diagnostic functionality for iOS devices.

Here is the screenshot of the message in the resolution center:

Apple bans a security app

Esser looks completely puzzled to this decision by Apple because there are so many apps in the App Store of the similar nature.

Esser might not be planning to take some form of revenge from Apple by releasing a jailbroken version of the app, but this move from Apple is surely confusing for the users as well as developers.

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