Facebook Exposing Trillions of Posts to Public Search, Change Your Settings Right Now


FEATURED-facebook-openShort Bytes: To make its search more functional, Facebook has indexed about 2 trillion public posts. Now, you can search the pictures, news and posts of your interest by entering some phrases in the search box. However, if you want to opt out, you need to change some settings right now.

Facebook is about to change in a big way and it’s going to affect Google – and you, of course. Now Facebook is making all the public posts on the social network available to universal search.

Facebook is making it a lot easier to search the conversations and stories unfolding in real time, just like Twitter or Google search. Just the way Google indexes websites and web pages, Facebook has indexed about two trillion posts put on by the Facebook users to make them easily searchable.

This move by Facebook will make the search function of Facebook broader and help you to search things that interest you more easily on the world’s biggest social network. Now you can search the public pictures of the Halloween in just a click and easily look for the discussions of your friends about The Martian by typing few phrases in the search box.

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But, if you are uncomfortable with sharing your life and don’t want to make a contribution to the public debate, there are just 2 simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Limit the visibility of future posts

In your News Feed page, just click on the top right corner of the screen. Below the big purple dinosaur, click on the question “Who can see my stuff?” The option that you need to tick is “Friends” and avoid “Public” to restrict the visibility.


This option will change the visibility of future posts.

Step 2: Limit the visibility of past posts

To change the past posts, you need to find the “Limit Past Posts” option in “See More Settings” and do changes.


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