4anime Shuts Down Amidst Legal Crackdown On Pirate Sites

4anime now tells users to viewing on "legal alternatives or something."

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4anime shutdown

4anime, one of the largest pirate streaming sites for anime content has shut down. Originating from Japan, anime has a huge fan following around the world. However, dedicated anime streaming sites are either expensive or simply lack the collection for enthusiasts.

Enter, 4anime. This pirated anime streaming site had millions of visitors right before it was abruptly shut down amidst legal pressure. Since last year, legal crackdowns on websites hosting pirated content have gone up. The crackdown seems to have had its way, following the 4anime shutdown. Here’s exactly what happened and what we can expect in the coming days.

4anime Shutdown And What’s Next

According to a TorrentFreak report, 4anime was one of the sites that gained popularity when the initial crackdown on piracy sites started. It was listed on a site-blocking app in Australia, among other pirate websites, but it continued to stream content.

However, if you go looking for 4anime. to now, you’ll be redirected to a GitHub page with the following message:

Sorry for ending things this way. Due to certain circumstances we have to close the site.
All the bookmarks will be available via login in the next week or two so don’t worry.

However, all the videos and content is deleted and we encourage you to support the industry by viewing on legal alternatives or something.

The message’s tone shows a clear reluctance to 4anime’s shutdown. While we have a list of reasons why people pirate, we don’t support or encourage it. Piracy causes billions of dollars in losses to creators and accounts for a sub-par viewing experience for the watchers.

The latest 4anime shutdown is a clear message that authorities are now more actively going after pirate streaming sites.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

With a Master’s degree in journalism, Manik writes about big tech and has a keen eye for political-tech news. In his free time, he’s browsing the Kindle store for new stuff read. Manik also adores his motorcycle and is looking for new routes on weekends. He likes tea and cat memes. You can reach him at [email protected]

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