AMD Radeon VII Will Have Excellent Linux Support From Day 1

AMD radeon VII

AMD Radeon VII was one of the biggest announcements made at the CES 2019; it even got featured in our top highlights of CES video. This 2nd-gen Vega graphics card will be launching in early February and it’s also generating lots of questions.

One such doubt that many open source enthusiasts might be having is regarding the state of Linux support for Radeon VII. Well, the answer to this question is a big yes, according to Forbes.

An AMD representative has told Forbes that one can expect the Radeon VII to “be gaming ready on Day 1 right out of the box.”

Talking about the performance of this consumer graphics card, AMD has said that Radeon VII is expected to deliver about 25% more performance as compared to Vega 64. This has been made possible due to specs like 16GB of VRAM and 1TB/s memory bandwidth.

So, are your excited to get your hands on this beast and get started? Share your views in the comments section.

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