Man Sues Apple Because It’s Trying To Make iPhones Too Secure


With new security issues cropping up each day, people are looking for ways to make their smartphones more secure. However, one man doesn’t seem to like the development and has, in turn, sued Apple for attempting to keep its smartphones safe.

According to a report by MacRumors, Jay Brodsky, who lives in New York, has sued Apple for the implementation of two-factor authentication in its smartphones.

Brodsky suggests that as the two-factor authentication doesn’t allow users to disable it after two weeks, it harms “millions of users” due to which the users can suffer economic losses.

Additionally, it is suggested that Apple’s security feature is a way to interfere in users’ usage of devices and is violating the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, California’s Invasion of Privacy Act, and other laws.

However, Apple, in its support documents, says that the disability of two-factor authentication after two weeks is meant for the various features in newer versions of iOS and macOS, which require more layers of security.

Furthermore, Jay Brodsky claims that each time the Apple device is turned on, the two-factor authentication just elongates the process.

Jay Brodsky looks for concessions for the same thing.

Do you also think Apple’s security feature is harmful? Comment down with your thoughts.

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