Valorant Player Smurfed At Iron 3; Finds Other Smurfs In 3 Out Of 4 Ranked Matches


Valorant is 2020’s one of the most popular games that is played by millions of players worldwide. However, just like every other competitive title, Valorant is full of smurfs, which is a big reason for several players to leave the game.

Recently, a Valorant enthusiast revealed that he smurfed at Iron 3 to find out how many smurfs he gets in each game, and the results are mind-boggling.

Smurfing Problem In Valorant

In Valorant, some players deliberately aim for low ranks (Iron/Bronze) on their second accounts. Then, they dominate new players with their skills to ruin their experience. This is called Smurfing.

Interestingly, one Reddit user proved the extent to which the smurfing problem exists in Valorant.

The Valorant player in question goes by the name ‘Slayyingmaster’ on Reddit. In his recent post, the player revealed that he is Diamond 3 on his main account.

Despite that, the player decided to create a second account and placed himself at Iron 3 to do his research on smurfing in Valorant. Also, he didn’t want to ruin the experience for other players at Iron. So, he observed the game and helped his teammates by using only his agent’s abilities.

Shockingly, out of a total of four ranked matches he played, the player found smurfs in 3 matches.

Smurfing in Valorant
Smurfing in Valorant

In his first match, there were two smurfs in the enemy team with around 30+ kills. Other than that, there was one smurf in his own team, with a total of 30 kills. According to the Reddit user, these smurfs were clearly at the Gold/Platinum level as they were dominating other players with one-tap shots.

In the second Ranked match, the enemy team had two smurfs with “one of them having 37 kills,” while his own team had one smurf with 32 frags. Shockingly, these smurfs even admitted that they belong to Gold/Platinum ranks.

Surprisingly, in his third match, there were no smurfs in the enemy team. However, the opposite team had to surrender because the player’s own team had two smurfs. These smurfs confirmed that they belong to the Diamond/Platinum level through voice chat.

Looking at this analysis, it’s easy to conclude that there are several smurfs at low ranks in Valorant. So, imagine being a new Valorant player and going against these smurfs in your initial Ranked matches. Pretty disappointing, right?

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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