Prime Subscribers Can Now Access 100 Million Songs On Amazon Music

At no extra cost!

Amazon Music for Android
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Amazon Prime has opened doors to its massive 100 million song library on the Amazon Music platform for free. Earlier, Prime subscribers could only access songs from a limited library of 2 million. The move does an equally appealing music streaming service, especially for anyone looking for one.

There is a small catch, though! You can only access the 100 million song catalog only through shuffle mode. You cannot find and play each and every track when you like. But for no added cost, it is a great proposition for existing Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon Music: A great alternative to Spotify?

Spotify offers an 80 million+ songs library which isn’t small by any means. But if you are getting a bigger library for no extra cost on the base plan, why not use it? Amazon Music is a basic service that is bundled with Amazon Prime. You get some improvements over the free tier, like ad-free playback, unlimited skips, offline playback, and more. But the library size was very small. 2 million tracks might sound like a lot, but when you begin filtering on the basis of genre, artists, and decade, the possibility of finding your favorite tracks shrinks.

Amazon Music HD
Image: Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited is the highest tier and offers HD playback, Spatial audio support, and a bigger catalog. But now Prime subscribers can access the catalog via shuffle mode and curated playlists without paying the $8.99 per month for Amazon Music Unlimited. All you need to do is update the Amazon Music app and hit the play button.

Spotify has some of the best features and content on the market, but Amazon is trying to catch up in the music genre. Both companies are even thinking of raising prices, which could shrink their paying subscriber base in the future. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a wider song library if you have Amazon Prime without listening to any ads whatsoever.

Abhishek Mishra

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