5 Important Things About New Mac Pro That No One Told You

Mac Pro 2019

Apple released the new Mac Pro yesterday during the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2019. The event was held at the San Jose convention center and the crowd rightly went nuts after the company announced the all-new Mac Pro 2019.

The new Mac Pro 2019 is also being called the cheese grater design due to several air vents present on its back end. Now, unlike the previous Mac Pro, which was aptly called the Trash Can, the new Apple cabinet features a modular design. You know, just like any normal PC does nowadays.

In 2019 Mac Pro users will be able to increase the specs just by removing aluminum made cabinet and swapping out parts. Combine this with the functionality of macOS and what we have is the most, albeit potentially capable Mac powered machine on the market.

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Thus here are 5 things about the Mac Pro 2019 that no one told you and that you definitely need to know:

Apple Mac Pro 2019 Hidden Features

1. Intel Xeon W Processor

The new Mac Pro supports the Intel W-3200-series based on the Cascade lake architecture. Apple announced the Mac Pro with 8, 12, 16, 24 and 28 cores. The thread count is doubled with each core model, for example, 8-core Xeon W CPU features 16 threads, 12-core features 24-threads, and so on.

What’s interesting though is the performance of these CPUs. All of them support Turbo Max Boost 2.0 which boosts clock speed and these CPUs can also use ECC RAM. The difference between a normal RAM and an ECC RAM is in data reliability and clock speed. While the normal DDR4 RAM is faster with clock speeds of above 3200MHz, the ECC RAM is slower at around 2666MHz.

However, the ECC RAM excels at predicting potential data losses and avoiding them, which is the most important requirement for data centers and creative professionals handling heavy workloads like 8k footage encoding.

For the top spec model of the Apple Mac Pro 2019, the processor is a 28-core/56-thread Intel Xeon-W 3275M processor and it can support up to 1.5TB of ECC Memory. The reason Apple shifted to the enterprise range of CPUs is partly due to the lack of innovation in the desktop CPU market and to really ensure future upgradability.

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2. PCI-E Slots

The Apple Mac Pro 2019 offers multiple upgradability options in the form of PCI Express expansion slots. In theory, you can use an external graphics card in the Mac Pro 2019 and play the latest titles, however, you’re still restricted to only using AMD graphics card as Nvidia and Apple still don’t play along very well.

3. Graphical Powerhouse

The top spec 2019 Apple Mac Pro comes equipped with two AMD Vega II GPUs featuring 64GB of total HBM2 memory. Furthermore, the AMD fabric link provides low latency communications between the two graphics card resulting in 5 times faster speeds than PCI express 3.

These features justify opting for a powerful GPU which Apple is giving instead of installing one from your own side. The 28.2 Teraflops of graphical performance are ludicrous: for example, it is more than 4 Microsoft Xbox One X, the current most powerful gaming console, combined.

4. A Host of Your Own Accessories

Apple is currently offering a number of official accessories for the Mac Pro 2019. However, enthusiasts can take over the modding process themselves and upgrade the new Mac machine using their own accessories. Besides upgradeable RAM and GPU slots, the new Mac Pro also features Thunderbolt 3 ports for external GPU connections and high-resolution displays.

Furthermore, AMD Radeon Vega II GPUs have 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports on them. This provides the Mac Pro with an extensive amount of upgradability.

5. The Wheels and Stand Cost Extra

With all these outrageous specs the new Mac Pro is going to cost a kidney and another one as well. Starting at $5,999 the Mac Pro will go all the way up to $40,000 but what’s really ridiculous is that you can even put wheels on your Mac Pro for an extra premium. The pricing for the wheels hasn’t been announced yet but with a $1,000 price tag for the stand of the Pro Display XDR monitor, you better keep aside a few hundred bucks on the side just in case.

The Apple Mac Pro 2019 is basically an overkill. However, that’s exactly the reason why several PC enthusiasts might start taking Apple seriously. Apple is famous for its ridiculous prices and it is quite visible here, but with strong software support, the company can easily redefine itself.

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