5 New iOS 13 Features Apple Borrowed From Android And Google


The WWDC Keynote happened yesterday, and Apple introduced all the new iOS 13 features in its full glory. Many of these new features are already there on the Android OS made by “the other company” – that’s what Apple likes to call Google. Here, I want to add that some of them actually work better on iOS 13.

One thing I kind of like about Apple is how eagerly they promote and sell their products. Even if the feature is small or already mainstream, Apple will still make you feel that it’s worth trying on your iPhone.

Surely, this has its roots in history. Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs always knew how to package products and sell them to the public. The company has since then followed the same trail.

Surprisingly, one of the iOS 13 features landed on Android more than a decade ago. Now, if you want to compare iOS 13 with Android, then here’s a list of such features.

5 iOS 13 Features Already Present on Android

1. Support for USB devices

usb support ipados

If you’re an Android user switching to iOS, then Apple has something useful for you. For years, Android has offered support for USB peripherals, which gave it an edge over iDevices.

Now, both iOS 13 and the new iPadOS can read USB storage devices including flash drives, SD cards, even SSDs, and hard drives. The data can be accessed via the Files app. Further, you can directly plug in your camera to transfer photos and videos to your iPad. photos.

2. Look Around (Street View)

iOS 13 Features Already On Android 1 Look Around

Apple flaunted that its camera-fitted cars have traveled millions of kilometers to collect data and capture real-life 3D imagery of the streets. They have added more detail to the crippled Maps app as part of a major redesign process. Perhaps in the coming future, it will serve as a Google Maps alternative for Apple users.

The highlight of the app is the new Look Around feature, which is basically Apple’s answer to Street View. However, Google added the feature to Android via Google Maps back in 2007.

Just like Street View, Look Around also lets you virtually roam around the streets and see how they look in real life.

3. Quick Flow (Swipe Gestures)

iOS 13 Features Already on Android 2 Quick Flow

Apple has finally added swipe typing and likes to call it Quick Flow, which is fine. But it does the same job anyway and you can simply slide your finger across the characters to type your desired words.

This one feature that I have always missed on my iPad. It has been there on Android for ages. However, Samsung was the first one to bring it to its Android phones.

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4. Sign-in with Apple

iOS 13 Features Already on Android 3 Sign in With Apple

The new ‘Sign In With Apple’ is the replacement for ‘Sign In with Google’ and ‘Sign In with Facebook’ options you can see on various websites and apps. In its basic job, it lets you log in to third-party apps and services without creating a separate account.

sign in with apple wwdc

Here, Apple has added a bunch of privacy features. For example, if you don’t want to share your email address, you have an option to create a proxy email address which will be sent to the third-party app. One added benefit is that the feature supports Touch ID and Face ID on your iDevice, putting an end to typing numerous passwords every day.

5. Dark Mode

iOS 13 Features Already On Android 4 Dark Mode

A system-wide Dark Mode has arrived on iOS 13. You have it across all the system apps and settings across your Apple device.

Now, with Android Q, Google is finally going all-in on a system-wide dark mode. I think it’s going to be a tie in this case. But here, Android has an edge because Google added the dark mode to Android Pie back in 2018. Although, it was an unfinished one.

So, these were some of the iOS 13 features already present on Android. If you have anything to add, then you can tell us in the comments down below.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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