2020 iPhones Could Replace Notch With In-Hole Display, Says A Leaker

iPhone X-2

2017 saw the launch of the ‘revolutionary’ iPhone X with a notch which eventually got aped by many other smartphone makers. 2019 is just here and as a ritual, we have rumors for the new iPhones to come. However, the recent one has something to say for the 2020 iPhone models.

According to a tweet by leakster Ice Universe, the Apple smartphones in 2020 are likely to part ways with the notch. As for 2019 iPhones, the notch will still be there.

It is further suggested that as the notch will be absent, the iPhones will take up the now-trending in-hole display, already seen in the Huawei Nova 4 and the Samsung Galaxy A8s.

However, just as a reminder, Apple had filed for a patent for in-hole display way back in 2016, when notches were just trying to start out in the tech world.

Apple In display hole patent

The patent throws light on a display with holes for a full-screen experience with really thin bezels, without compromising on the front camera and the necessary sensors up front.

It further emphasizes on ‘drilling operations’ that would require precision so as not to cause any harm to the several layers of the display.

Additionally, it is expected that Apple will sustain its proprietary Face ID and would find a means to make it compact enough to fit in the in-display hole. There are possibilities that the Cupertino giant could still adopt in-display fingerprint scanning tech.

Just to clear the air, the aforementioned information can’t be treated as facts as there is nothing solid backing it. For more information and to keep yourself in the Apple rumor loop, stay tuned with us.

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