11-Year-Old Girl’s iPhone 6 Exploded Burning Holes In Blanket

With smartphones from various tech companies falling prey to the exploding game, it seems like it’s Apple’s turn, as this time an iPhone caught fire in Bakersfield, California.

It is suggested that 11-year-old Kayla Ramos was sitting in her sister’s bedroom and was holding the iPhone 6 in her hands. She mostly used it for watching YouTube videos and sometimes gave it to her younger siblings.

However, one day, the device had sparks coming out of it and exploded when thrown on a blanket. Soon the spark burnt holes in the blanket.

Following this, Kayla’s mother contacted Apple support and was asked to send in pictures of the exploded iPhone 6 and submit the device as well.

iphone 6 explodes

Upon being contacted, Apple has suggested that it will look into the matter and will definitely replace the smartphone.

This could have been my child. My child could have been caught on fire and she could have been hurt more and I am glad she’s OK,” said Maria Adata, Kayla’s mother.

It is further stated that Ramos used to charge her iPhone a lot and this could be one of the reasons for a sudden explosion. Additionally, unauthorized repairs or use of a non-Apple cable could have been the cause.

Meanwhile, Kayla will spend some time with her sisters, away from her iPhone, referring to the incident as a silver lining.

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