OnePlus One Allegedly Bursts Into Flames While Switched Off


While Samsung (and sometimes Apple and Google too) phones have been in the news for catching fire and hurting people around, an unlikely entrant in this arena is OnePlus, whose first-ever smartphone has allegedly been on fire.

It is suggested that a user’s OnePlus One caught fire in the middle of the night at around 3:15 am, that too when the smartphone was not even connected to a power point and was switched off.

The incident took place on July 3 in an air-conditioned room, when the user woke up to a burning smell and found fumes coming out of the device. Subsequently, the user hurriedly put out the fire with the help of water.

The news came into the limelight via a tweet by India Today anchor Chaiti Narula with pictures of the now-dead smartphone.

Following the near-fatal incident, the user contacted OnePlus and even Amazon India (via which OnePlus smartphones are sold) for a solution to the incident. OnePlus responded to the tweet that the OnePlus Critical Escalations team has reached out to the user and is on the case.

The aforementioned incident is quite surprising as OnePlus has never been in the limelight for a OnePlus device catching fire. While the smartphone is more than five years old (giving out a reason for an incident like this), an explanation from OnePlus is a must.

To recall, recently, Samsung’s 5G smartphone — the Galaxy S10 5G — caught fire and exploded in South Korea.

We will keep you posted if anything else pops up. Until then, keep on visiting Fossbytes for all the tech-related information you need!

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Vanshika Malhotra

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