How To Become A ‘Smart’ Programmer That Gets Hired By Google And Facebook?


coding habit smart programmer eat code sleep repeatShort Bytes: Becoming a smart programmer that gets hired by tech giants isn’t an easy task. You must possess a mixture of some common and few unique skills to carve your way to the top. Read more and know about different characteristics of a good programmer.

The fast-changing information age is upon us and the programmers are in great demand. If you take a look at the opportunities for the software engineers worldwide, it has grown at a rapid pace in past one decade. On the salary front, computer programmers and analysts are the people getting the highest median pay.

If you are willing to become a programmer and deciding which language to learn, it might be a tough task. For that purpose, you can observe the trends and see which languages are the most popular ones and easiest to learn. In this article, I’ll be telling you how to become a hireable developer that tech companies will love.

The US Bureau of Labor predicts that there will be 1 million jobs created in the computing industry by 2024 and the year 2016 remains a golden year. Even our governments are encouraging more people to take up coding and create new things.

To become a good programmer, apart from having robust coding skills, here are some qualities that you need to develop. These characteristics highlight the best applications that would be a great addition to your team:

How To Become A ‘Smart’ Programmer?

Be willing to learn more:

You can’t learn a single language or technology and rest assured that the job’s done. The tech world is always evolving and your abilities might be outdated in a few years. So, it’s important that your observe the changing trends and learn the technologies that are making an impact and are on the rise.

Master what your know:

In my last point, when I suggested learning more, I didn’t imply learning as many languages as you can. It’s necessary that you have command over the languages that you love. If we talk about the current scenario, even though programming languages like Swift and Go are on the rise, Java, JavaScript Python are still the most popular ones and they are not going anywhere.

Make a solid portfolio and showcase your skills:

Having an attractive portfolio helps a lot as it’s an easy way to demonstrate your skills. It includes your contributions to the companies you’ve worked, your strengths and contribution to the open source community. Employers often look for applications of your skills outside the job and your Stack Overflow and Git contribution. So, don’t consider portfolios as something only a designer would need, you need it too.

Attend hackathons:

These days hackathons are sprouting everywhere, and they act as a great way to meet people and test your skills. Each year, the participation in hackathons is increasing, and the programmers from different background come together to solve problems. They prepare you for jobs in multiple ways and make you acquainted with how others work.

Ability to work under stress:

Very often programming could be an extremely stressful job. With super-tight schedules and thin deadlines, it’s easy to lose calm and hurt your prospects in many ways. It’s important to mold yourself according to the demands and look for innovative ways to finish a job easily.

Be passionate about problem-solving:

This is one of the most important points that differentiates you from others. Try to create applications from the scratch and find ways to make it work by solving the problems. In your interviews, you might be given a hypothetical problem that would seem impossible to many. Instead of self-proclaiming yourself as a “true geek,” spend your time building servers, games, and applications to find your way to the top.

Don’t run after the highest paying lists:

While the lists telling the highest paying skills and programming languages might give you an idea, don’t make important decisions based on them. Be confident about your passion and the language you know. Remember that people make money, not a programming language. If you are skilled in a particular language and willing to push yourself, those highest paying skills are of no use.

Teamwork and people skills:

Programmers generally don’t give importance to customer service skills and expect themselves to be sitting in front of a computer all day. However, very often they need to work in teams, interact with clients and co-workers, and make decisions with the help of others. At this point, the ability to work with others become a necessary skill. So, remember one thing — a programmer rarely works alone.

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Adarsh Verma

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