10 Flights and 1,400 Passengers Grounded by Hackers in Poland

polish airline hacked lot
polish airline hacked lot


Yesterday in Poland, 10 flights operated by Poland’s national airline LOT were grounded after facing a flight hack attack on its computer system. The hacked flights were the ones issued from Warsaw’s Okecie airport.

More than 1,400 passengers were affected by this hack and network intrusions according to the Reuters and the Associated Press.

The official Twitter account of Chopin Airport said: “Due to the failure of LOT Polish Airlines computer system a lot of flights were canceled today. Please contact the airline for details.” The services have been made normal again and the attack is currently being investigated by the authorities.

This flight hack occurred with the intrusion that crippled LOT’s network and the computers for some time as hackers gained access to the computer system that were responsible for charting out the flight schedule plans.

In the official press release, the airline said: “Today afternoon LOT encountered IT attack, that affected our ground operation systems. As a result we’re not able to create flight plans and outbound flights from Warsaw are not able to depart. We’d like to underline, that it has no influence on plane systems. Aircrafts, that are already airborne will continue their flights. Planes with flight plans already filed will return to Warsaw normally.”

Now the situation after the attack is under control and the officials are working to restore the usual routine as soon as possible.

The flight hack attack is now being investigated and digital forensics implementation is already undergoing.

The source of the hack is yet unknown.

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