Samsung Builds Transparent Trucks To Improve Road Safety

samsung transparent trucks
samsung transparent trucks


Being stuck behind a large truck in the traffic, especially if it is single lane, is as irritating as it could be dangerous. Reports suggest that in major chunk of road mishaps, trucks had been involved but there were no reforms in the safety measures. The electronics giant Samsung has worked upon the Transparentius concept coined by Russian design house Art Lebedev in making its own trucks safer.

The concept is fairly simple. A camera is put up on the front of the large, slow-moving truck and is connected to video displays on the back. This allows the trailing drivers to see what’s beyond the truck. Thus making it’s safe to overtake the big machine.

Samsung in its transparent trucks has installed four displays on the rear that get the live video feed from the wireless camera at the front, thereby making them transparent for the driver behind. Samsung has already applied for the regulatory approval for its trucks.The company has already tested the prototypes on the Argentine roads and it is working very well. The technology is yet to be commercially available. Samsung calls them Safety Trucks.

Here’s a demonstration video by Samsung of its transparent trucks.


The idea is quite brilliant as it would save many lives. The reckless passing from the trucks that lead to fatal accidents would be drastically reduced if this project comes on road and is adopted by all the truck companies.

One roadblock that could hamper the Samsung Transparent trucks’ commercial success is that this idea though plausible seems a bit uneconomical since installing a wireless camera on the front and four displays on the each truck would not benefit the business in any way.

Successful or not, Samsung’s effort for the peoples’ cause to improve road safety is very well received. :)

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