Russia Wants Facebook, Twitter To Relocate Servers To Russia

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The Russian government agency, which controls Internet censorship in the country, has opened administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter because for failing to comply with local data laws.

The action was taken citing that the law requires all servers, that store personal data of Russians, to be located in Russia.

Communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said on Monday that Facebook and Twitter did not explain how and when they would comply with the above mentioned legislation to “confirm the localization of personal data of Russian users.”

This step is another effort by the Russian agency to tighten their grip over social networking platforms and the legal proceeding is one more excuse to force the companies into compliance.

In April 2018, Russia tried to block Telegram as well. When Telegram users tried to bypass the restrictions by using VPN and proxy services, Russia reportedly expanded its block list and ended up blocking lot more services than just Telegram.

Meanwhile, Facebook is saying that the company is “in touch with relevant Russian governmental bodies regarding its activities in Russia,” whereas Twitter has declined to comment.

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