Xiaomi, Oppo And Vivo Announce AirDrop-Like File Transfer Feature

Oppo Xiaomi, Vivo file transfer feature

Apple’s AirDrop is a popular feature that binds people to the famous ‘Apple ecosystem.’ The feature helps in transferring files between Apple devices seamlessly using Bluetooth. Google also introduced a similar peer-to-peer file transfer feature for Android device in the form of Android Beam which failed to pick up.

Now, the Chinese smartphone companies, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have collaborated to introduce an AirDrop-like feature that will allow cross-brand file transfer. As revealed by a WeChat post, the feature is based on an “inter-transfer alliance.”

It promises to deliver transfer speeds up to 20MB/s. Similar to how Apple’s AirDrop works, the file-transfer feature will leverage the device’s Bluetooth connectivity for pairing and file transfer.

The feature is likely to eliminate the need for a third-party app for transferring files between two devices. According to the WeChat post, the feature will be initially limited to the trio of the Chinese companies but other OEMs can also join the alliance in future.

Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo file transfer

The beta version of the AirDrop-esque feature is expected by the end of August.

The reason why Chinese companies have come together to launch the feature is that Android Beam which will be replaced by ‘Fast Share’ in Android Q is a feature exclusive to Google Play service. It won’t be available in the smartphones sold in China.

It remains to be seen whether more mobile phone manufacturers would join the alliance to make it a universal feature.

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