Xbox PC App Adds Modding Support And Removes Install Restrictions

Xbox adds quality of life changes for PC gaming


Xbox is finally adding some quality of life changes to the Microsoft Store and Xbox PC app. The Xbox and Microsoft Store app will now allow you to select which drive and folder you want to install your game to.

This has been quite an issue for gamers for quite a while now. The Xbox PC app is also adding modding support for games. The company made all these announcements during their PC community update and also discussed their plans.

According to the company, users will be able to access game files that were previously hidden. Currently, when downloading games, it gets paced in the WindowsApps folder, which is hidden. But with this update, modders will now be able to access game files to add cool new fun mods to their favorite games. The Xbox PC app will also tell users which games can support mods and which do not.

Xbox Game modding and quality of life updates

Steam has had modding support for quite a while, so it’s nice to see that even Xbox users will now be able to mod their games. Xbox also mentioned that you would also notice that the download speed for games has also improved. This is great news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as they will need less time to download new games.

These features will first be made available to Xbox insiders before making their way to the public. You can join the Xbox insiders program by clicking this link. By joining the program, you will be able to check out all the cool new features coming to the platform.

However, certain questions may also arise, such as will our saved files also be moddable? What about the games that use the cloud to save your progress? Will we also be able to mod EA Play games? It seems we won’t have to wait long to find out the answers to these questions as the feature will likely come out of beta before the launch of Halo: Infinite.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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