This $2,500 Solar Trailer Can Fully Charge Your Tesla Model 3 In 40 Hours

Tesla Model 3 with Solar Panel

So finally, a Tesla Model 3 owner made a solar trailer that can charge his electric car. The solar trailer can fully charge his EV in about 40 hours.

This Tesla owner uploaded a video of how he created a solar trailer with $2,500 on his YouTube channel ‘ItsYeBoi.’

The guy is a Tesla admirer and keeps doing cool stuff dedicated to Tesla products. Previously we witnessed him experimenting with bulletproof window glass in his Model 3 by shooting bullets at it.

However, this time the story is slightly different and exciting as he did something that Tesla has on its mind for a long time. We recently reported on how Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of the upcoming Cybertruck going Solar.

Before that, it seems, the Model 3 is getting solar panels. Here’s the video

Tesla Model 3 Equipped With Solar Panel

The YouTuber attached a solar panel to a frame and angled it towards the sun so that the charging gets easier. Initially, the solar panels with two controllers had a total output of 600 watts.

As the YouTuber mentions, these solar panels at maximum capacity could charge at 800 watts per min. However, this Model 3 requires 1600 watts per min power supply to get charged at a standard rate.

Tesla Model 3 with Solar Panel (2)
Image: ItsYeBoi

At this rate, it would take around 30-40 hours to charge the Tesla Model 3 completely. Nevertheless, on a cloudy day, the time will eventually increase.

However, the YouTuber did not mention which variant of the Model 3 he owns. Considering the calculation of YouTuber, it seems he has either the long-range or Performance variant of Model 3.

The biggest challenge here was to make the solar trailer functional which could successfully charge the electric vehicle, and the guy did it.

On top of that, the cost that YouTuber mentions to make it was just $2,500. Obviously, Tesla will not add a heavy trailer to its electric cars to pull along, as it will eventually decrease the overall efficiency.

However, a solar panel equipped roof makes much more sense. Since Tesla has already set its roots in electric as well as in solar technology, it is likely we will see solar panels equipped with electric cars.

What do you guys think? Do share your feedback on solar-powered Tesla Model 3.

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