World’s First “400 GB MicroSD Card” Launched By SanDisk

SanDisk microSD card 400gb
Image: SanDisk
SanDisk’s new 400GB microSD card is what the internet is calling the world’s highest capacity storage for mobile devices. So, what can people do with that much of space at their disposal?

The microSD card has enough room to house 40 hours of HD content. The 100MB/s transfer speed claimed by SanDisk for their 400GB microSDXC UHS-I allows you to transfer around 1200 photos/min. However, that’s the reading speed offered by the card.

The microSD card being class 10 limits its sequential write speed to 10MB/s. That means you can’t think of capturing 4K videos, 1080p would be great.

One of the USPs of the storage is it sticks to the App Performance Class specifications; the first and most basic one is known as A1.

Released last year, A1’s guidelines are followed by manufacturers who want to optimize their SD cards for the improved application performance resulting in lesser loading times. Also, it’s estimated that mobile device users will install around 150 billion apps in 2017. So, a dedicated card would be a better choice for the users.

SD cards have been criticised by smartphone makers for their inefficiency and reliability over internal storage.

For their 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I, the company is offering a 10-year limited warranty which is generally the case of their SD cards. You can buy one for your smartphone if you don’t have any issues paying $250 for a large microSD card.

This new storage device is another success story for SanDisk which broke records almost two years ago with their 200GB microSD card. Last year, SanDisk also released a full-size SD card with 1 terabyte of storage.

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