Is Discord Down Today? Why Is Discord Not Working?

Discord down, Discord outage

Discord may be down for some users today. While the outage started late last night, it spiked into a possible outage. Users at Downdetector as well as Twitter are reporting a Discord outage for the past couple of hours now.

Downdetector reports show around 800 complaints of outages at the time of writing this story. 48% of users have reported voice issues, 41% say they’re facing Discord server connection errors, and 11% are having issues with the app.

Is Discord down?

While some users are reporting errors and outages, one user has reported a ping of over 5k on a Discord voice call. Many others also joined this Downdetector comment section, complaining about voice issues. However, the official status site shows there has been no downtime since yesterday.

The official site also says that the last Discord outage was a change in the channel field, causing bots to crash. The platform says it has already fixed that. All of the metrics, including voice, are working fine according to the platform. However, if Discord is down for you, do report it, and maybe the platform will deploy a fix.

When will Discord start working again?

We can’t say if there’s an actual outage going on at the moment. The Downdetector map shows reports coming in from San Fransisco, Seattle, Detroit, and Chicago. There’s no official comment on the reported outages.

If you’re also facing problems connecting over the platform, you can check your internet connection, and restart your devices. This usually solves any issue. However, if they’re still there, then go ahead and report it.

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