You Can Now Download The New Windows 11 SE Wallpaper. Here’s How

windows 11 se wallpaper

Microsoft has yet again stepped into the K-8 education market with two new product launches. A new Surface Book SE is here, which comes with Windows 11 SE. Likewise, Windows 11 SE is a special edition of Windows 11 optimized for education purposes. The best part is, Windows 11 SE comes with a colorful variant of the Windows 11 wallpaper that you can download right away.

Windows 11 default wallpaper that offered the OS a new look grabbed the attention of most users. We currently have a pastel color variant which makes it look even better. The colorful bloomed flower is undoubtedly a great addition to the set of Windows 11 wallpapers.

Moreover, you can get the new Windows 11 SE wallpaper from the popular website WallpaperHub. The website provides the wallpaper in two different resolutions: 2048×1153 and 1920×1080.

Follow the link below to download the same:

It doesn’t matter if you’re not into the K-8 education market. Nothing is stopping you from using the new pastel variant of the Windows 11 wallpaper. However, if the new Windows 11 SE wallpaper does not appeal to you, you can always use the default Windows 11 wallpaper.

Windows 11 SE is a lightweight version of the regular Windows 11. Hence, it takes a different approach by disabling some features and making the OS fit for low-power laptops like the new Surface Laptop SE. The new Surface laptop is among the cheapest in the lineup.

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