Instagram Reels: You Can Now Reply To Any Comment With A Reel


Instagram has officially announced that users can now reply to comments on their posts with reels. Instagram has been testing the reels reply feature for a while now, and it seems the company has been pushing to integrate the short video format as much as possible. Recently, the app has gone through many changes as the social company is trying out new things and old things.

How do I reply to a comment with reels?

Similar to a video reply on a questionnaire story, users will now reply to any comments with a video. Whenever you respond to a comment, you will have the option to tap on the blue Reels button to create a video reply. The video reply will be pinned to the comment just like any other reply, and other users will be able to see it too.

Instagram Reel Reply, Copying Tiktok?

Last year, Tiktok added a similar feature to their app, and now Instagram is just copying it. This is not a new thing for the social media app as it has done the same thing on many occasions (ahem, “Snapchat stories”). The only improvement to Instagram’s reel reply feature is that you can use it for regular posts and change the sticker’s color, but not much has changed.

During the company’s most recent earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg noted that Reels is now “the primary driver of engagement growth” on the platform. We can now easily see why the company would want to promote the short video format. But to do this, they would have to compete directly with TikTok.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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