Windows 10 Will Get New Features With “Major Update” in November

Windows 10 install without windows update iso 4
Windows 10 install without windows update iso 4

windows-10Short Bytes: Windows maker is planning to release a major upgrade in the upcoming November that will bring loads of new features to Windows 10. These features could include some big changes like extension support in Microsoft Edge and a new desktop universal messaging app.

Windows 10 is out now and people are using it in large numbers. Users are praising the OS for its new features and smooth upgrade process. However, if you are finding Windows 10 a little bit incomplete, here’s a good news for you. Microsoft is planning to release a major upgrade in the upcoming November that will be bringing new features to the final version of Windows.

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 is the last version of its iconic OS. In such a situation, a major update is a very big event as it will enrich the operating system with new features that are generally seen in new OS launches. This update is being internally called Windows 10 November Update or Windows 10 Update for November. Some sources are also calling this update Windows 10 Threshold 2.

According to the site WinBeta, this update will be bringing lots of new features as a part of its Windows as a service model.

What are the new features expected in Windows 10 November Update?

It’s an already known fact that Microsoft Edge team is working to bring the extensions for the Edge browser and the browser is expected to gain support for the WebM open source HTML5 standard with this update.

The update is also expected to bring some obvious performance improvements and a new universal Messaging app for the Windows 10 users on PCs. The Windows 10 November Update will also fix issues like Chrome browser crash and Windows Hello problems on some devices.

It should be noted that Windows 10 has managed to mark its presence on more than 75 million PCs and currently accounts 5% of the PC web traffic.

Are you excited to use the new Windows 10 features in Windows 10 November update? Tell us in the comments below.

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