Samsung “Galaxy S20” Is On The Way, Says Rumor

Samsung Galaxy S20 Name Rumors

With only a few days for the year 2020 to begin, even more Galaxy S11 rumors and speculations have started to show up on the web. This time, it’s about the identity of the Samsung flagship – its name.

According to the tweets made by well-known leaksters @Iceuniverse and @MMDDJ_, the smartphone giant could ditch the existing naming scheme and call the next flagship series Galaxy S20. If that happens, the upcoming Samsung devices would be known as Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20e.

While the leaksters haven’t provided any source, there could be one explanation behind the name change, as hinted by IceUniverse. Samsung could keep the name S20 with respect to the year 2020. It remains to be seen what Samsung has in store to justify “20 is a new beginning.”

Anyway, all of this should not be considered as concrete information. It’s entirely possible that we might see Samsung launching the Galaxy S11, S11+, and S11e at the Unpacked 2020 event.

However, another question is if Samsung keeps the rumored name, will it call the future flagships Galaxy S21?

Galaxy S11 Specifications

Speaking of the specifications of the devices, the new Galaxy S11 renders put the front camera in the middle — just like it’s there on the Note 10. On the rear side, the S11 and S11+ are expected to have a total of 5 lenses, including a 108MP primary and a 48MP telephoto. Their cheaper sibling, on the other, will limit to 3 lenses.

Also, now that the Snapdragon 865 has been announced, it’s likely that there will be an SD865 variant for the US and an Exynos variant for the rest of the world.

via XDA

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