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Do you remember that blocky Windows 95 logo? The one which looked like an amateur painter spilled colors on the canvas? Seemingly, that Windows logo from the 90s is making a comeback.

However, this time, it’s coming in style. Today, Windows put out a tweet telling that it is giving away Windows 95 Logo sweaters to few lucky fans.

If it was 2000s, I would have laughed at the disastrous marketing campaign. But it’s 2018, and the definition of fashion is a little muddy. People buy things they feel like buying, and no one is constrained to follow a particular trend.

So, why not the Windows Ugly Sweater? I know the photo shoot is not precisely what you expect from product photography. But, it’s the Windows 95 Logo, and even Microsoft know how unattractive it looks.

Anyway, if you want to get the sweater, just DM @Windows and they might get back to you. Even if you don’t get the sweater, you will be the lucky fan nevertheless.

Here are few Windows team member who tried it and posted on their Twitter handles:

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