Heritage Project: A Blockchain-based Open Source Platform To Empower Charities

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Most of the news about blockchain is regarding making money or saving money, either in the form of cryptocurrency or logistical efficiencies. But the Project Heritage has put a new spin on the blockchain that might have you giving your money away.

What is Project Heritage?

A-Cubed is a Silicon Valley-based unit of Airbus that is developing Project Heritage. Project Heritage is the open source blockchain project that hopes to drive donations and charity fundraising in the future. A-Cubed is looking to pioneer blockchain-based digital asset management leveraging both cryptocurrency and fiat currency payments technologies to empower charities with secure payment options.

Not only does Project Heritage allow donors to make donations securely, it also provides a level of transparency to the charity, and a trust that follows as a result.

To make things more interesting, Project Heritage incorporates the Ethereum blockchain to provide collectible tokens based on the ERC-721 specification. The result is that when you make a donation, a unique token is generated that you get to keep, trade, or sell. Keep in mind that this token is tied to an Ethereum wallet, so you will need one before you get started. But the idea is that your token is absolutely unique, the idea is similar to the Crypto Kitties, but not entirely. These tokens can, presumably, be customized based on the charity or cause to a great extent.

A-Cubed has chosen the charity Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to debut their platform with. Muttville helps find homes for dogs that are too old for most prospective adopters. They assist in connecting these matured pups with people that are willing to look past their age. When you make a donation to Muttville, you can choose the dog that your token is modeled after, but your token will still be unique with its own description.

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