Elon Musk Talks About New Tesla Gigafactory: Starts Poll On Twitter


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has started a poll on his Twitter handle regarding the new Tesla Gigafactory. The survey says, “Giga Texas?”  with two options: “hell yes” and “no.” It is evident from the tweet that he intends to open a Tesla factory in Texas.

As per the sources, Tesla is banned from selling its cars directly in Texas. So, we will have to wait to know what this new gigafactory project will do for Tesla.

What is a Gigafactory?

For starters, let me tell you that the idea behind the name gigafactory is to represent its large size. Initially, Tesla used to name its massive factories numerically, for example, Gigafactory 1,2,3, and so on. But the concept evolved, and it changed into the pattern of Giga followed by the City name.

How many Gigafactories are there?

At present, there are four Gigafactories: Giga Nevada, Giga Berlin, Giga New York, and Giga Shanghai.

Giga Nevada is Tesla’s first Gigafactory, where everything from lithium-ion battery production to assembly and manufacturing of electric vehicles takes place. It is one of the largest factories in the world, even in terms of floor area.

Giga New York is Tesla’s energy products factory in Buffalo, New York. It can produce a billion cells.

Production in Giga Shanghai, China, started in 2019 with only an estimated production of 2,50,000 units per year. However, Giga Berlin, Germany, is still under construction, and production will start in 2021 as planned by the company.

Tesla has also unveiled its plans to establish design centers in Germany and China. Right now, they have their design centers in California.

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New Tesla Gigafactory in Texas

Elon Musk announced earlier this week that Tesla is looking for world-class chip designers for its autopilot team, based in Palo Alto and Austin. Is it a recruitment effort from Tesla? Well, Austin is in Texas. It might be possible for a Gigafactory to be established in Austin.

Although it is not specified where the factory would be. Also, what type of products will be manufactured in a new Texas Gigafactory is yet to be revealed. It is expected the factory will start its operation with chip manufacturing. That being said, we still have to wait for confirmation news from the company for a concrete idea.

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