Houseparty: The Most Downloaded App During Coronavirus Quarantine


In the times of quarantine due to Coronavirus all over the world, people are practicing social distancing by staying inside their home. Some of them are entertaining themselves by binge-watching their favorite movies and web series, while others are playing games on their phones.

A video chat app that allows you to play games with your gang in the same app can prove to be a boon in the quarantine. Houseparty can be dubbed as the best resort for playing virtual games with your friends amidst a video call.

At a time where you are locked down in your home to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, Houseparty is an app that allows you to meet virtually and organize a game night without leaving your home.


Houseparty is an app that connects you with your friends via video conferencing and allows you to host a virtual game party.

The app is available for major platforms including iOS, Android and Chrome users can also take advantage of the app using the Chrome Extension of the app.

Initially, the app was launched in 2016 but nowadays it has gained a lot of popularity due to the Coronavirus quarantine. In 2019, one of the best battle royale games Fortnite’s owner company, Epic games bought the app.

As per the growth of Houseparty is considered, it has jumped from 304th rank in the social networking section of the Apple app store to become the most downloaded free app these days.

How To Use Houseparty?

After installing the app, you are supposed to simply create your account on it and of course, invite friends to connect with them. You can invite friends by linking your contacts, sending invitations, etc.

After connecting with your friends, the app allows you to see whether your friends are online or not. It also notifies the user when their friends are In The House or online.

The best feature of the app is that you can also play virtual games with your friends while being connected on a call.

Available Games

Houseparty consists of a collection of amazing minigames like Chips and Guac, Heads Up, Quick Draw, and Trivia. All the games can hold up to 8 players at a time.

Houseparty comes with unique add-on packages that can be used when one wants to add a new taste to the available games. For example, you can add different themes to the Heads Up game in the app.

The themes are based on the popular TV series Friends, Games of Thrones and you can also select trivia questions of different genres.

Users can also send facemails to their friends via the message which can be seen by the people when they are online.

The app has gained a lot of attention in the past few days and has emerged as one of the best apps to spend your time staying connected with your buddies in the time of social distancing and quarantine.

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