2nd Man Who Walked On The Moon Warns: We Should Find Other Planets To Survive

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Short Bytes: Buzz Aldrin, in a recent interview, talked about humanity’s need to search for other planets for their next civilization. According to him, the best option so far is Mars as it is the most explored planet of all. He believes that by 2040, humans will establish their civilization on the Martian surface.

Buzz Aldrin, former astronomer and engineer, in a recent interview, said what Stephen Hawkings said about a month ago. He said that humans need to look for alternatives to Earth. He believes Mars to be the next landmark for next human civilization.

Aldrin feels that there are endless possibilities to these space explorations and humans can find enough habitable places in this cosmos. Of all, Mars is the most explored and traversed planet; thus it’s a rational and potential option for next human civilization.

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For the success of this Mars Mission, humans need to start from today itself. He also believes that by 2040, Mars will have its first human civilization.

Not long before, he introduced the virtual reality experience that lets you virtually travel to Mars. Now he is emphasizing on our needs to make the real tour to Mars a reality.

If you feel the urge to experience the VR voyage, luckily, Aldrin and former commander of ISS, Terry Verts, are offering a platform to the enthusiastic winners a chance to enjoy the Apollo 11 Anniversary at the ShareSpace Gala. Most importantly, you will get an opportunity to experience the virtual reality tour.

He asserts that exploring the ends of space is crucial than ever, especially in a society where denialism and sensationalism rule the conversations. Aldrin said, “space travel is a great unifier–it captures our collective imagination, encourages our curiosity, and inspires our creativity.”

He finds it in human’s nature to explore, to travel time and space. Another astronomer and cosmologist, Carl Sagan said, “human beings are a curious, inquisitive, exploratory species. I think that has been the secret of our success as a species.”

We don’t know when humans will set their first footsteps on the Martian surface. But what matters is how we keep on discovering the new worlds and evolve ourselves as species.

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