What Programming Language Does Your Country Like?


popular-programming-language-in-my-country.jpgShort Bytes: The rankings published by HackerRank based on the average scores across their challenges throw light on the programming languages adopted in different countries across the world. The ranking has been ordered according to the popularity of Java programming language.

HackerRank is a leading code practice arena. More than a million coders from around the world take part in various HackerRank coding contests. The majority of the programmers (39.5%) have shown liking for Algorithm-based challenges. Further in the line are Java (9.3%) and Data Structure (9.1%) domains.

We told you earlier, using the scores of these people, HackerRank has published a report which throws light on the what countries produce the best programmers.

Which is the most popular programming language in your country?

The report also highlights what programming languages are preferred by the programmers in various countries. We can see that the ranking has been arranged according to the adoption of Java–the world’s most popular programming language on top of C, according to TIOBE index.

programming-languages-countrySri Lanka and Columbia–who bagged lower positions in the best developer categories–are the top countries focusing on Java. China, which has the best programming breed, doesn’t seem to be much interested in Java, instead, a liking for Python can be observed. Similar Java drop is in the case of Russia, but the language adoption seems to be almost equal.


India provides most of the candidates for the HackerRank coding force, loves Java more than other popular languages. Whereas, her geographical neighbor Pakistan is more into C++.

Never Give Up!

Which country never gives up

HackerRank has also published rankings based on how persistent a country is. Switzerland is the true leader in this category with a score of 2.5% (lower is better). It is good to know that one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations also has the most patient coding minds. The coders from the United States (4.1%) and India (6.3%) don’t seem to be tenacious enough and haven’t made it to the top 25.

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