Ditching Linux For Windows After WannaCry Is Too Risky For Munich, Green Party Warns

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Short Bytes: Before final voting, these days, Munich is busy exploring the changes needed to make the shift to Windows 10. Meanwhile, in the wake of recent WannaCry attacks, Munich’s Green Party has said that it would be very strange to make a shift from Linux due to security reasons. Currently, Munich authorities are using LiMux, a custom Ubuntu-based OS.

Earlier this year, we reported that Munich, European pioneer of open source software, was planning to ditch its Linux-based OS by 2021. The city was planning to make a return to Windows operating system. It was also reported that Munich’s IT service provider chief had said that the decision wasn’t back by any compelling technical reason.

Now, in the light of latest cyber security developments, Munich has been warned against this tentative move. According to  Tech Republic, Munich’s Green Party has underlined the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks on Windows platform.

In a statement, the Green Party has said it would be very strange to make a switch from a stable and secure operating system to a platform which is a favorite choice of hackers.

“It is particularly important that we keep the risk of such an attack as low as possible,” he added.

LiMux OS

It should be noted that WannaCry ransomware, which exploited NSA’s EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits released by Shadow Brokers, affected more than 300K unpatched and older versions of Windows. This development once again made the case of Linux stronger. The same emotion is reflected in the Green Party’s statements.

What’s going on at the moment?

Currently, Munich city’s administration is busy analyzing the time that would be needed to create Windows 10 software for being used by the government employees. After completing this work, once again voting would be done.

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