Meet Intel Unison: Intel’s Bet To Make “AirDrop” For Android

What is Intel Unison-1

Bob: Why did you purchase an iPhone? My Android is cheaper and does way more than your iPhone, hah! Alice: “For the Ecosystem.” End of conversation. Android users have had a pretty rough time defending Android when it comes to the Ecosystem. There’s no manufacturer right now that does Ecosystem better than Apple.

Although Google has introduced many features to help solve the issue on Android, it still stands nowhere near Apple. Similarly, Microsoft, with its Phone Link app, has done well, but it’s still miles away. Well, it looks like Intel has a solution to the same on its Evo series of notebooks, and it looks promising. Meet Intel Unison.

What is Intel Unison? How does it work?

Intel Unison allows you to connect your Android and iOS devices to your laptop with Intel’s 13th Gen and 12th Gen Processors. As of now, it’s exclusive to only Evo laptops at the time of launch, but Intel has mentioned it’ll be made available on more devices soon.

Here are all the features Intel Unison brings:

  • File Transfer
  • Make and receive calls from Laptop.
  • Messaging
  • Notifications

Intel hasn’t given us more insights about how Android and iOS phones will sync with the Evo platform. If we had to guess, it’d be via Bluetooth. So far, Phone Link does all the things that Unison can do, with the only exception being the absence of support for iOS.

In Intel’s Performance index for the Intel Evo lineup, it is mentioned that Unison will be available only on Evo Windows PCs and will pair with Android 9 and above and iOS 15 and above. The Android application of the same “is” available on Google Play Store and other app stores.

It is also mentioned that an internet connection is required to pair Android devices, whereas both internet and Bluetooth are required to pair iOS devices.

With Intel’s Raptor Lake series around the corner, we might see Intel marketing Unison during the launch. What are your thoughts about the same? Let us know in the comments section below.

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