This Website ‘Self-Destructs’ If No Message Is Posted On It For 24 Hours

this website self destructs

One can find a lot of quirky and fun websites that have been created just for fun. I came across one such website today that has been set for self-destruction if no one posts any message on it for 24 hours straight.

A twitter user named @FemmeAndroid created this website. The creator, who is a comic book artist by profession, has also created other fun websites like and

Just to make its purpose clear, the site has been named and it features a minimal comic book-like theme. The site was created a couple of months ago and it can be used to share any message anonymously on the web.

If you visit the site, you’d be greeted by a countdown timer that starts from 86,400 seconds. This timer resets every time someone posts a message on the website. Beneath the timer, there is a letter from the website, introducing itself.

self destruct website_1

Scrolling further you’d find three options:

  • Read message: It lets you read texts written on the site by various users across the world
  • Heart icon: I am guessing this option lets you appreciate the site
  • Feeling Down: Here the site greets you with a consoling message and mental health websites where you can get some help if you are feeling low

self destruct website_2

The messages posted on the website are absolutely anonymous, so, you can share anything without fearing judgment from anyone. To date, 85,000 letters have been posted on the site, and they’ve been read over 8 million times.

I saw several messages with different views and opinions, weird, funny, or even mean texts on it. Mostly, I saw people write about how they are feeling in lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.

So if you are also stuck somewhere alone, far from your family due to coronavirus, or maybe you are feeling low for any other reason, head over to this website to spend time reading texts from others or putting your own thoughts out there.

As I mentioned above, if no one posts a message for 24 consecutive hours, that is, 86,400 seconds, it will permanently self-destruct, wiping everything clean from its database. So just in case you are worried about data collection or being tracked, don’t fret — the website clearly states that it doesn’t collect any data.

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