This New App Activates Hidden Desktop Mode On Android 10

Flow Desktop Launcher For Android 10 Desktop Mode

Google released Android 10 earlier this year in all of its glory. While there are many features people love, there is an exciting one that Google hasn’t talked about.

The latest Android update comes with a Desktop mode, which will allow users to use Android on their PC. Google is still working on it, in the meantime, users can look at it in the Developer options.

Thankfully, there is a dev working day and night to bring out the potential of the Android 10 Desktop Mode right now. Daniel Blandford, whom we last saw testing a custom launcher for desktop mode.

Now, his custom launcher has matured, and it’s called Flow Desktop Launcher. You can download its early test preview version that’s currently available on Google Play. You need to enable freeform windows and experimental desktop mode located in the developer options for it to work.

According to Blandford, there is a long road ahead before the app goes stable, given that he’s the single person working on the project. His custom desktop mode launcher contains a lot of bugs and half-baked features right now.

When connected to an external monitor, Flow launcher displays a full-blown desktop-like interface built on the likes of Samsung Dex. You will be able to see the list of all the apps installed on your phone and even use them, check the battery level, toggle quick action buttons, add apps to the taskbar, etc.

Before you get too excited, Flow Desktop Launcher is only compatible with a handful of devices right now. It officially supports OnePlus 7T Pro (fully tested and working) and OnePlus 6T.

The custom launcher also lists Essential PH1 and Samsung devices with Dex preinstalled as officially unsupported devices. It shouldn’t be a problem for Samsung users as they already have a stable desktop mode at their disposal.

But even on supported devices, you can try the Flow Desktop for a limited time, after which you’ll have to buy the premium version. Blandford says it is to continue the development of the project.

via MSPowerUser, XDA

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