Google Classroom Tool is Now Open for Teachers Worldwide


The Google Classroom project is now out of beta and is open for all Google Apps for education users.

Google Classroom is a tool for teachers which aims at providing the benefits of Information Technology in classroom and online teaching work in a simple and directional way.

Google Classroom is offered as part of the Google Apps for Education suite. Anyone with a Google Apps For Education account can avail this facility.

It integrates various Google features like Drive, Docs and Gmail in order to help teachers distribute assignments, collect materials from students and communicate with them in and outside the classroom a lot easier. Also, Google Classroom helps teachers to see the progress of each student and make announcements. Students have the option to post regarding a content and get help and assistance regarding the same.

It should be noted that this isn’t just an act of unselfishness from Google, it also involves a lot of business. Google Chromebooks have been in demand in schools and during the 2nd quarter of this year, Google has sold 1 million Chromebooks to schools.

The privacy of student, no ads policy and data security are other main highlights of the feature.

Google Classroom project manager Zach Yeskel says the goal is to help teachers spending more time teaching and less time shuffling papers.

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